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DOE Unveils Funding Opportunities for Carbon Dioxide Capture Research Efforts

The Department of Energy intends to award up to $22 million in funds to back research initiatives in capturing carbon dioxide particles from ambient air. DOE said Monday that the Office of Science is looking for proposals that cover fundamental studies in chemical and material sciences.

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DOE Unveils R&D Funding Opportunity for Isotope Production

The Department of Energy (DOE) has earmarked $16 million in funds to support research and development initiatives for isotope production. DOE seeks to yield isotopes that are in shortage or unavailable for industrial, scientific and medical purposes through the funding opportunity, the department said Tuesday.

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DOE Unveils Funding Opportunity for Fusion Energy Research Efforts

The Department of Energy intends to award $30 million in grants to support the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods in fusion energy research. DOE said Wednesday that it eyes to provide $17 million in support of research efforts that will cover the management of facility operations, forecast of plasma phenomena and rapid discovery efforts in the area of data science.

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President Trump Appoints DOE Secretary Dan Brouillette to National Space Council

President Trump has appointed Dan Brouillette, secretary at the Department of Energy, to serve as a National Space Council member through an executive order. Brouillette said in a statement published Friday DOE will work other federal agencies and companies to renew the department's commitment to space programs.

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USAF Conducts Sustainability Test With Minuteman III Missile

Air Force Global Strike Command tested a Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile's flight and reentry to verify the weapon's reliability. The unarmed missile, also known as Flight Test Unit 2, flew with a reentry vehicle from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California to the Marshall Islands during the developmental test, U.S. Strategic Command said Wednesday.

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