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Energy Department Launches Research Initiative to Support Hydropower

The Department of Energy is investing $26.1M in to develop marine and hydrokinetics technologies that would help the country continue leveraging hydropower. Officials said Monday that the department's water power technologies office will identify projects that reduce the cost and boost the flexibility of hydropower and marine energy.

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DOE Selects Four Projects for Nuclear Technology Dev’t Funding Program

The Department of Energy awarded $19 million in grant funds to four domestic advanced nuclear technology projects under the U.S. Industry Opportunities for Advanced Nuclear Technology Development initiative. The grant program seeks to help industry teams boost the creation of U.S. commercial nuclear technologies and capabilities, DOE said Tuesday.

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DOE Invests $36M in Thermal Exchange Research Projects

The Department of Energy is investing $36M in 18 research projects that will methods develop new thermal exchange technologies and methods for efficient energy conversion. The projects are part of the High Intensity Thermal Exchange through Materials and Manufacturing Processes program and the OPEN+ Cohort, High Temperature device segment, the department said Friday.

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DOE Unveils Carbon Capture Funding Opportunity

The Department of Energy intends to award $30 million in grant funds supporting research and development efforts in carbon dioxide capture technologies. DOE said on Thursday that the department seeks to invest in projects focusing on the collection, usage and storage of carbon dioxide to support front-end engineering design efforts for coal and natural gas plants as part of the Carbon Capture program.

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GAO Finds Issues in Energy Department’s Subcontractor Oversight

The Government Accountability Office called on the Department of Energy to improve oversight of its subcontractors after a recent review found that the department had failed to audit over $3.4 billion in subcontracts over the past 10 years. GAO issued a report on Tuesday highlighting the improper auditing process at DOE and the challenges in tracking subcontract ownerships in the department’s multi-billion dollar programs.

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DOE Financing Hydrogen Technology R&D Efforts

The Department of Energy is investing $31 million to develop technologies to facilitate the generation, transportation, storage and usage of hydrogen for the country. DOE said on Monday that the department intends to implement the H2@Scale concept, which is designed to foster new hydrogen-based, fuel cell technologies and applications in various industrial areas including steel manufacturing and ammonia production.

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