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CBO: $515B of Senate’s FY 2016 Defense Bill Goes Against Sequestration Caps

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that $515.5 billion of $604.6 billion authorized under the Senate Armed Services Committee’s proposed fiscal year 2016 defense spending bill counts against budget caps set under the 2011 Budget Control Act. CBO said in a report published Wednesday the remaining funds would be for nondefense budget functions and overseas …

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CRS Says Sequestration Cuts FY 2013 Discretionary Spending 12%

Sequestration will start next January and reduce discretionary spending by 12.1 percent in fiscal year 2013 if Congress does not reverse the Budget Control Act, FierceGovernment IT reports. Across-the-board cuts will affect mandatory programs such as Medicare but discretionary spending will see the largest year-over-year percentage drop, according to a …

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