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GAO: DHS, FBI Should Formally Conduct Bioforensics Capability Gap Analysis

The Government Accountability Office has urged the Department of Homeland Security to cooperate with the FBI in the completion of a formal bioforensics capability gap analysis. GAO said Friday the capability gap analysis can help inform current and future bioforensics investments through the identification of needs and scientific and technical gaps. DHS and FBI have …

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Justice Dept Invests $63M to Support State & Local Crime Lab Capacity

The Justice Department‘s National Institute of Justice has announced a $63 million investment in efforts to boost laboratory capacity and shrink the backlog of DNA samples that await analysis at 132 states and local jurisdictions. USDOJ’s Office of Justice Programs said Friday it will use the funds made available through the DNA Capacity Enhancement and Backlog Reduction …

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Armed Forces DNA Identification Lab Collects Servicemen Family Member Samples at Annual Korean/Cold War Briefing

The Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory has collected DNA samples from 426 family members of uniformed personnel at the 2016 Korean/Cold War Annual government briefings held Aug. 11 and 12 in Arlington, Virginia. The Defense Health Agency said Friday the family members have met with government officials that specialize in policy update, global operations, DNA …

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DARPA-Funded University of Washington Research Team Develops Protein Design Method

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has funded a University of Washington research team that created a method to design customized proteins that can self-assemble structures inside living cells. DARPA said Thursday the design method helps the agency’s push to efficiently deliver biomedical treatments such as DNA vaccines and therapeutic interfering particles to cells. …

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NIST Creates Programming Language to Help Automate Genetic Circuit Design

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has partnered with Boston University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to test a programming language meant to help biological engineers design DNA-encoded circuits. NIST said Friday the agency-led research team developed and used the Cello program during an experiment to customize as many as 60 genetic circuits with various sensory …

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Los Alamos Nat’l Lab Updates Bioinformatics Research Tool; Ben McMahon Comments

The Los Alamos National Laboratory has updated its Sequedex bioinformatics software that works to identify DNA sequences from viruses and other microorganisms to aid medical treatment, research and diagnosis functions. LANL said Monday that the new version classifies DNA fragments by recognizing patterns and linking them to their function and phylogeny based on a database of …

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