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Report: DoD Implementation of 2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act ‘Inconsistent’

The Defense Department's inspector general has determined that the DoD failed to fully carry out the mandate of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015. The law calls on the DoD and other agencies to develop policies that would facilitate the sharing of classified and unclassified cybersecurity threat indicators and defense measures among government as well as private entities, the DoD IG stated in a recently-released audit report.

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DoD IG Report Lists Top Department Mgmt Challenges for FY 2018

The Defense Department Office of the Inspector General has released a report that outlines the top management and performance challenges that DoD currently faces. DoD IG said Nov. 20 it determined the challenges based on the office’s oversight work, research and judgement, oversight work from other DoD components, oversight missions from …

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DoD Office Of Inspector General Lists Top Mgmt & Performance Challenges in FY 2017 Oversight Plan

The Defense Department‘s office of inspector general has published its Fiscal Year 2017 Oversight Plan that describes the top management and performance challenges facing DoD as well as projects designed to address those issues. DoD IG said Monday the challenges include efforts to mitigate terrorist threats; counter global strategic challenges; apply effective …

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DoD IG: Navy Should Reevaluate or Cancel Surface Mine Countermeasure UUV Program

The Defense Department‘s inspector general has recommended the U.S. Navy assess whether to continue or cancel the development of the Knifefish surface mine countermeasure unmanned undersea vehicle. DoD IG said Tuesday the requirements developers of Knifefish and the Littoral Combat Ship program — Expeditionary Warfare Division N95 and Surface Warfare Division N96, …

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DoD IG: NAVSUP Naval Radar Sustainment, Logistics Contracts Need More Performance Metrics

The Defense Department‘s inspector general has said the Naval Supply Systems Command’s weapon systems support office should apply more performance metrics into logistics contracts used to sustain a Lockheed Martin-developed naval radar system. According to an audit report published Monday,the U.S. Navy’s AN/SPY‑1 Phased Array Radar performance-based logistics contracts has not incentivized support contractors Lockheed and Raytheon …

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DoD Inspector General: OUSD (AT&L) Needs Acquisition Quality Mgmt Policy, Oversight

The Defense Department Inspector General has urged the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics to implement a set quality management function and corresponding quality assurance oversight process for acquisition programs. The recommendation follows an evaluation of the policies and procedures that DoD and its components follow to ensure the quality of defense …

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