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DOD Inspector General: Five Sites Need Better 3D Printing Cybersecurity

3D Printing

The Department of Defense's inspector general (DOD IG) found in an audit that five DOD sites need to bolster the security of their additive manufacturing or 3D printing systems. DOD IG said in a July 1 report that it recommends the involved DOD components to first attain an authority to operate for all their AM systems before use.

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IG Report Calls for DOD to Align Implementation Plan for Pandemic With Telework Policy

Telework Policy

The Department of Defense’s (DOD) office of inspector general (OIG) has recommended that the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and global security update the DOD Implementation Plan for Pandemic Influenza to include revised planning assumptions regarding the use of telework for essential and non-essential employees and align the plan with the Pentagon’s telework policy.

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DoD Inspector General Looks at Department’s Commercial IT Product Security

The Department of Defense's Office of the Inspector General conducted an audit to verify whether DoD assesses cybersecurity risks in commercial off-the-shelf information technology products. The audit found that DoD employs COTS IT products that hold commonly known cyber vulnerabilities due to lack of associated policy, strategy and product standards, DoD IG said in a report publicly released Tuesday.

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Pentagon Watchdog: DoD Heads Showing Interest in Next Agency Audit

The Department of Defense’s inspector general said there's a growing interest across the Pentagon to conduct another agency-wide audit following the first assessment that found pervasive weaknesses, Federal News Network reported Thursday. Carmen Malone, deputy assistant IG for audit and financial management readiness at DoD, said defense officials now understand the impact of the audit.

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Recent DoD IG Audit Reveals Lack of Software Rationalization in Branches

The Department of Defense's inspector general released the audit results to determine how the U.S. NavyU.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force rationalize software and manage obsolete and duplicate applications. The audit found the three service branches did not consistently handle software rationalization. However, the USMC and Navy observed processes to prevent software duplication, the inspector general said Dec. 13th in a report.

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Report: DoD Implementation of 2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act ‘Inconsistent’

The Defense Department's inspector general has determined that the DoD failed to fully carry out the mandate of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act of 2015. The law calls on the DoD and other agencies to develop policies that would facilitate the sharing of classified and unclassified cybersecurity threat indicators and defense measures among government as well as private entities, the DoD IG stated in a recently-released audit report.

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