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DISA Releases Four-Year Strategic Plan; Vice Adm. Nancy Norton Quoted

The Defense Information Systems Agency has issued a strategic plan setting the agency’s direction through 2022. DISA said Wednesday that the plan provides a framework to guide the agency’s resource allocation, planning priorities and evaluation criteria in support of the joint forces’ efforts to counter adversaries, ensure resilience and adapt to challenges.

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Nancy Norton: DoD Needs Cyber Partnerships, Workforce for Multidomain Efforts

Vice Adm. Nancy Norton, commander of the Defense Information Systems Agency, told attendees at an AFCEA conference in Maryland that the Department of Defense must prepare for cyberwarfare and a multidomain battle, DISA said Tuesday. Norton, also the head of the Joint Force Headquarters - DoD Information Network, said the Pentagon needs to implement a “competitive mindset” in optimizing cyberspace to support national security efforts.

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DISA Begins Redesign Effort on Acropolis Network; Matthew Matzer Quoted

The Defense Information Systems Agency has begun an effort to align the architecture of the Acropolis cyber defense network with the agency’s latest operational requirements.

The Where We Fight program involves adding non-classified and classified cloud environments, a private network and a data brokering program in Acropolis to increase the productivity of cyber analysts and save costs, DISA said Thursday.

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Col. Greg Griffin: Joint Regional Security Stack Could Support DoD-Military Data Exchange

U.S. Army Col. Greg Griffin has said he predicts the Defense Department‘s Joint Regional Security Stack would help DoD components share information with military services and combatant commands within a common platform. JRSS is designed to increase the visibility of network activity, simplify data exchange process and secure networks across the department, the Defense …

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Army Cyber Mission Force to Utilize Virtual Effects in Fight Against Militant Groups

The U.S. Army‘s future cyber mission force teams will use virtual effects in offensive and defensive strategies as part of operations against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq and Syria. The service branch said Wednesday its cyber teams aim to protect the Defense Department‘s information network and other national interests from security breaches as well as offer …

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DISA Launches Cyber Review Framework for DoD Information Network Infrastructure

The Defense Information Systems Agency, National Security Agency and Defense Department Chief Information Officer have launched a new collaborative effort that will aim to constantly update cybersecurity architectures across the DoD Information Network infrastructure. DISA said Monday the Non-secure Internet Protocol Router Network and Secret Internet Protocol Router Network Cybersecurity Architecture Review — also dubbed NSCSAR — …

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John Hickey Outlines DISA’s Cybersecurity Priorities

John Hickey, risk management executive and chief information officer at Defense Information Systems Agency, has cited the Joint Regional Security Stacks program as the agency’s top cybersecurity priority at present, C4ISR & Networks reported Thursday. Hickey described JRSS as the regional security capability the Defense Department uses to protect what …

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