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DARPA Crowd-Sourcing Combat Vehicle Design

Crowd-sourcing has been a key initiative of the Obama administration’s open government plans. But, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is taking the open call for development one step further, allowing soldiers, DoD personnel and members of the public to give their two cents and more on the development of …

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Defense Budget Woes Leave Few Good Options Left, Experts Say

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates has let his voice be heard: Congress’ lollygagging on passing a defense appropriations bill and the threat of a fiscal-year-long continuing resolution is the “crisis on my doorstep,” he said last week. Now, defense analysts are chiming in with their concerns. A senior Navy official …

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Mullen Calls for DoD Workplace ‘Flexibility’

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen said the Defense Department needs to focus more on being a “flexible” workplace. The efforts are underscored by the needs of military families and children, who have been strained by nearly 10 years of war, he said, at a National …

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Deputy Defense Sec’y Says Efficiencies are ‘Right Position’

Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates’ plan for departmentwide efficiencies has weathered withering criticism from across the political spectrum and some quarters in the private sector. But, for Defense Secretary William J. Lynn, that indicates a job well done. “In Washington, if you get criticized from both sides, it usually means …

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House Armed Services Committee to Take up DoD Efficiencies

The new chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. Buck McKeon (R-Calif.) isn’t wasting any time in exerting his oversight responsibilities. Following a number of housekeeping procedures last week, the committee will begin oversight hearings this week on the Defense Department efficiencies championed by Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, …

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DoD Deploys Virtual World to Educate about PTSD

The Defense Department is now using online virtual reality as an alternative method of treatment for soldiers experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder. According to DoD, soldiers interacting in the virtual world, Second Life, are educated about dealing with PTSD and with others. Defense officials said it appeals to warfighters who may be hesitant to seek …

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