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Alan Estevez: Pentagon Eyes $15B in Service Contract Savings

Alan Estevez — principal deputy defense for acquisition, technology and logistics –has said he expects the Defense Department to save as much as $15 billion in service contracts through planning and analysis, the Army website reported Thursday. DoD should tap design engineers to review such contracts in order to find efficiencies, he told attendees of …

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Pentagon Allots $149M in Multidisciplinary Research Project Grants

The Defense Department has selected 22 research programs focused on science and engineering as recipients of grants worth $149 million combined. Research efforts will receive government funding over a period of five years and will involve 55 universities under the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative, DoD said Tuesday. Army, Air Force and …

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GAO Reviews Pentagon’s Budget Mgmt Strategy Under Sequestration

The U.S. Defense Department used short-term strategies to manage funds for major programs and functions during fiscal 2013’s sequester, a new Government Accountability Office report says. GAO said in a report published Wednesday the department’s operations and maintenance account absorbed 55 percent of $37 billion in FY 2013 mandated defense …

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