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DOE Unveils R&D Funding Opportunity for Isotope Production

The Department of Energy (DOE) has earmarked $16 million in funds to support research and development initiatives for isotope production. DOE seeks to yield isotopes that are in shortage or unavailable for industrial, scientific and medical purposes through the funding opportunity, the department said Tuesday.

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DOE to Allot New Funds for Manufacturing Computing Projects

The Department of Energy is investing $3M in cost-shared projects that aim to support manufacturing processes via computing and modeling approaches. DOE said Tuesday its High Performance Computing for Manufacturing program seeks to lower the consumption of energy required for materials supply chain activities.

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DOE Allots $111M for Phase II of FY 2020 Small Business Programs

The Department of Energy is investing about $111M in fiscal year 2020 phase II projects under small business innovation research and technology transfer programs. The new funding opportunity announcement supports projects across multiple DOE offices such as those focused on cybersecurity, electricity, nuclear energy and environmental management, the department said Tuesday.

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DOE to Issue Awards for AI, ML Data Science Projects

The Department of Energy plans to invest $40 million in data science projects including those that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning. DOE said Monday that it seeks efforts that would address data management issues faced by the department's science facilities.

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DOE Unveils Funding Opportunity for Fusion Energy Research Efforts

The Department of Energy intends to award $30 million in grants to support the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods in fusion energy research. DOE said Wednesday that it eyes to provide $17 million in support of research efforts that will cover the management of facility operations, forecast of plasma phenomena and rapid discovery efforts in the area of data science.

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DOE Allots $97M for Phase II Small Business Projects

Department of Energy is investing $97 million in 86 grants for research and development projects under small business award programs. DOE said Monday that its new grants support the second phase of the department's Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs.

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