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FAA Unveils 200 Facility Maps for Commercial UAS Operators

The Federal Aviation Administration has released more than 200 facility maps that provide information on areas and altitudes near airports where operators can fly their unmanned aerial systems. FAA said Thursday the facility maps are designed to help drone operators boost the quality of their Part 107 airspace authorization requests and help the agency simplify …

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Air Force to Transition to General Atomics-Built MQ-9 Reapers

The U.S. Air Force prepares to transition to the General Atomics-built MQ-9 Reaper remotely piloted aircraft this year as the service branch plans to retire its MQ-1 Predator RPAs in 2018 in an effort to build up readiness and keep pace with the changing combat environment. The 20th attack squadron …

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FAA Issues Updated List of Potential UAS Sighting Reports

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued an updated list of potential encounters of air traffic controllers, pilots and law enforcement personnel with unmanned aerial systems from February to September 2016. FAA said in a news release published Thursday it received 1,274 reports of possible UAS sightings between February and September …

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