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American Contractors Lobby for Loosened Export Restrictions on Drones

American contractors are advocating the loosening of export restrictions on unmanned aerial vehicles to open up foreign markets to the revolutionary aircraft. According to an L.A. Times article, companies such as Northrop Grumman want to tap a foreign market that is eager for drones, which are already being sold by …

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Report: WH To Help Italy Upgrade General Atomics-Built Drones

The White House plans to add missiles and laser-guided bombs to Italy’s drone fleet, Adam Entous writes for the Wall Street Journal. Entous reports the White House submitted a letter of request to Congress in April to arm six Italian Reaper drones, built by General Atomics. U.S. officials have indicated that …

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FAA Directed to Startup 6 New UAS Test Sites

The 2012 Defense Authorization Act calls for the Federal Aviation Administration to establish six new testing sites for unmanned aerial systems, according to Defense Systems. The act allots at least $1 billion for UAS activities. The sites will be used to test the safety of integrating UAS into the national airspace as part …

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