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Military Retirement Remaining Status Quo

The 20-year military retirement system will not change in the near future, Defense Department officials said. AFPS reports Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told troops in Afghanistan July 31 there was no immediate plan to affect retirement. A small group of Defense Business Board …

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Panetta Has Work Cut out at Pentagon

Soon-to-be Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has his work cut out for him. While current Secretary Robert M. Gates, who retires at the end of the week, has earned accolades for making a dent in many of the important issues facing the Defense Department, others remain. Gates said recently that when …

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Gates as Pentagon Change Agent: Low-key, but Crucial

When Robert M. Gates was named defense secretary at the end of 2006, the former CIA chief was thrust into the midst of the debate about sending more troops to quell the insurgency in Iraq. Now, after serving longer in his Pentagon post than all but four of his predecessors …

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Carter: Continuing Resolutions ‘Miserably Inefficient’ for Pentagon

“Efficiency” has been the buzzword circulating throughout the Defense Department ever since Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates introduced his cost-savings plan in August designed to repurpose funding within the department. But Congress’ inaction on 2011 spending bills and the resulting continuing resolutions are “miserably inefficient” for the Pentagon, said Undersecretary …

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