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Obama Launches ‘Hearts & Minds’ Counterterrorism Measure

President Barack Obama issued an executive order Friday establishing a strategic counterterrorism strategy targeting the international audience. The Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, under the direction of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, will run a temporary organization aimed at winning the hearts and minds of the public outside the U.S. …

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White House Releases Regulatory Reform Plans

Regulatory reform plans for federal agencies will save more than $4 billion over the next five years, the White House said Monday. Cass Sunstein, administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, announced on the White House blog that federal agencies are releasing their final regulatory plans. The plans …

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Obama Orders Diversity Plans for Fed Workforce

President Barack Obama issued an executive order Thursday mandating federal agencies develop plans for improving diversity in the federal workforce. The order directs the director of the Office of Personnel Management, a deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget, the President’s Management Council and the chair of the …

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Fed Green IT Progress Not Tracked, Report Says

Most federal agencies have not created targets or baselines to measure green IT initiatives, a July 28 Government Accountability Office report says. GreenBiz.com reports the federal government will spend $79 billion this year on IT, including the purchase of roughly 1 million environmentally friendly computers and monitors. The green IT …

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Executive Order: Government Has Customer Service Problem

The federal government has a customer service problem, President Barack Obama wrote in a newly released executive order. “The public deserves competent, efficient, and responsive service from the federal government,” the president wrote. But too often the government and its agencies are hampered by inadequate citizen-facing services, such as agency …

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CUI Executive Order Clears up Confusion over Unclassified Labels

President Barack Obama issued an executive order Nov. 4 to establish clearer guidelines for “controlled unclassified information,” or information that is deemed sensitive but doesn’t rise to the level of classified. CUI information, while officially unclassified, still requires safeguarding from disclosure because it involves personal, proprietary or law enforcement information. …

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