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Nearly 100 Lawmakers Pushing for More F-35s for US Military

A bipartisan group of 99 House lawmakers agreed to increase the U.S. military’s fleet of F-35 fighter aircraft to reduce maintenance cost and address growing threats of other countries’ missile systems and stealth fighters, Defense News reported Monday. The Joint Strike Fighter Caucus sent a letter to House leaders calling for 12 additional F-35As and 12 F-35Bs for President Trump’s 2020 budget request.

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Report: DoD’s F-15 Procurement Decision Seeks to Gain Diversity in Fighter Aircraft Industrial Base

A senior defense official said the Department of Defense’s decision to procure a new variant of Boeing-built F-15 fighter aircraft hopes to demonstrate DoD’s desire to keep two U.S.-based jet manufacturers in business in the next 10 years, Defense One reported Friday. “One of the considerations was the diversity of the industrial base,” the senior official said.

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Mike Holmes: Boeing’s Fourth-Gen F-15X Could Help USAF Reduce Procurement Costs

Gen. Mike Holmes, commander of the Air Combat Command, said at an Air Force Association event in Florida that the service would reduce costs by acquiring fourth-generation aircraft like Boeing’s F-15X, National Defense reported Friday. Holmes noted that purchasing a mix of fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft would help the Air Force cut costs and reach its goal of procuring 72 new fighter jets annually.

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