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UMD College Park to Continue Cooperative Research for NASA

University of Maryland

The University of Maryland, College Park has received an extension to continue helping NASA pursue scientific space research under a $178 million cooperative agreement. UMD College Park will work with research partners to support theoretical, experimental and observational studies under the Center for Research and Exploration in Space Science and Technology II through March 2027, NASA said Wednesday.

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NSWC Dahlgren Division to Unify Naval Combat Simulation Systems; Howard Kohl Quoted

NSWC Dahlgren Division

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren Division is working on an integrated simulation system that would unify multiple training systems. NSWC Dahlgren Division wants to shift away from using two different combat simulators across five systems to having just one platform covering various naval capabilities, Naval Sea Systems Command said Wednesday.

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Gen. John Raymond: Space Force to Help Air Force Apply Ground Tracking Satellites

Gen. John Raymond

Gen. John Raymond, chief of space operations and 2021 Wash100 Award recipient, said the U.S. Space Force will help the U.S. Air Force implement a constellation of small radar satellites designed to track objects moving on land. Raymond said at the McAleese and Associates annual defense conference that the two service branches are working to develop concepts that apply GMTI satellites.

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Air Force Bomber Demonstrates Hypersonic Kill Chain in Recent Exercise; Lt. Col. Joe Little Quoted

B-52 Bomber

A Boeing-made B-52 Stratofortress stealth bomber demonstrated hypersonic shooting earlier this month during an Alaska-bound sortie that lasted over 13 hours. The bomber shot a practice target with the AGM-183 hypersonic weapon from a distance of 600 nautical miles during the Northern Edge 21 exercise, which took place on May 5, Air Force Global Strike Command said Thursday.

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Space Force to Integrate Multi-Manifest Satellite Vehicles for Future Mission

U.S. Space Force

Cape Canaveral Space Force Station is preparing to integrate a pair of multi-manifest satellite vehicles that would gather data for future technology development. The Space-Based Infrared System GEO-5 satellite will carry Technology Demonstration Orbiters 3 and 4, which contain several payloads for U.S. Air Force Academy, Los Angeles Air Force Base said Monday.

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DOD Agencies Use Machine Learning to Accommodate Complex Automation

Robotic Process

Two organizations within the Department of Defense (DOD) partnered to automate financial transactions via machine learning technology. The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) and the Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC) infused robotic process automation with machine learning to enable complex transaction tasks. These complex tasks include tracking unmatched or wrongly labeled transactions. 

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SOFWERX to Focus on Procurement Speed for USSOCOM; Brian Andrews Quoted


The SOFWERX hub, an innovation-focused nonprofit partnered with U.S. Special Operations Command, will prioritize efforts to procure and transition technologies in an accelerated pace. Brian Andrews, SOFWERX's chief technology officer, said the organization will focus on rapidly procuring technologies and transitioning them to the warfighter, rather than just identifying these products.

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AI-Focused Veterans Affairs Organization Shares Best Practices With Other Agencies

Department of

The Department of Veterans Affairs' National Artificial Intelligence Institute is sharing its expertise with other agencies to develop a catalog of artificial intelligence use cases. The institute has shared input with the Veteran Engagement Board, the Data Governance Council and other federal agencies to create a reference for AI uses.

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Katie Olson to Temporarily Succeed Brett Goldstein as Defense Digital Service Director

Katie Olson

Katie Olson, deputy director of the Defense Digital Service (DDS), will serve as the agency's acting leader as Brett Goldstein steps down. Goldstein led DDS as director for a couple of years. Olson, Goldstein's temporary successor, joined DDS in 2019 as chief of staff then became the agency's deputy director in 2020.

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DIU Seeks New Access Security Tool for Commercial Engagements

Defense Innovation Unit

The Defense Innovation Unit (DIU) is interested in using commercial multifactor authentication to facilitate secure access to industrial systems not directly connected to U.S. military networks. DIU is in search of a tool that would verify identities on platforms not accessible via a military-issued common access card. DIU intends to this tool to securely collaborate with commercial partners.

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