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NTIA Requests Info on Pros, Cons of IPv6 Tech Adoption

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration seeks ideas from industry on how NTIA can help accelerate adoption of internet protocol version 6 in the U.S. as well as information on the potential advantages and disadvantages of implementing the new network protocol. NTIA said Thursday that IPv6 can accommodate more than 340 undecillion web addresses compared with the approximately 4.3 billion addresses that IPv4 currently supports. NTIA …

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National Institute of Justice Seeks Feedback on Law Enforcement Gun Safety Tech Baseline Specifications

The National Institute of Justice has requested for public feedback on a published draft document regarding generic baseline security specifications for law enforcement service pistols with additional safety technology. A notice posted Friday on the Federal Register pointed to a joint report by the Justice Department, Department of Homeland Security and …

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NTIA Opens Public Comment on Drone Privacy, Transparency Issues

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration wants public feedback on the potential accountability, transparency and privacy implications of a program that would allow drones to fly in national airspace. NTIA said Thursday in a Federal Register notice that it seeks input from industry, academia and civil society to address concerns …

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