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DOJ Updates Annual Report Data Tool on Freedom of Information Act Website

Department of Justice

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has updated the Annual Report Data page on the Freedom of Information Act website and uploaded all fiscal year 2020 FOIA reports prepared by 119 agencies onto the online platform. Annual reports show that agencies received 790,772 FOIA requests and processed 772,952 of those requests in the previous fiscal year.

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DLA Deploys Bot to Manage Lease, Purchase Requests; Terra Nguyen Quoted

Defense Logistics Agency

The Defense Logistics Agency Information Operations' equipment management solutions team rolled out a bot in Dec. 2020 to handle various lease and purchase requests. The bot processes requests from more than 53,000 devices used by DLA personnel, government and military customers. DLA noted it has billed over $1.5 million since the bot's deployment. 

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Council Seeks to Facilitate Commercial FOIA Software Acquisition for Agencies

A council of Freedom of Information Act officers has called for the inclusion of records management and commercial off-the-shelf FOIA software in the General Services Administration’s schedules program to facilitate the procurement process for government agencies, Federal News Network reported Monday.

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Melanie Pustay: DOJ Accelerating FOIA Request Processing Through AI

Melanie Pustay, director of the Department of Justice’s office of information policy, said she believes artificial intelligence can help DOJ accelerate the processing of Freedom of Information Act requests, Federal News Network reported Friday. “I really think the future of FOIA is taking it to the next level and using artificial intelligence, and using software that can do things like group records together, either by concept or relationship, those kinds of software,” she said on the network’s Agency in Focus – Justice Department.

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DOJ, OMB Issue Memo Ensuring FOIA Request Portal Interoperability

The Department of Justice and Office of Management and Budget issued a memorandum Tuesday calling on federal agencies to ensure their Freedom of Information Act request platforms are interoperable with the centralized National FOIA Portal. The directive comes as part of the efforts to comply with the FOIA Improvement Act of 2016 which called for the creation of a consolidated online portal enabling the public to request any federal agency for records covered by the FOIA.

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Report: Defense Intelligence Agency Needs to Develop FOIA Backlog Reduction Plan

The intelligence community's inspector general has called on the Defense Intelligence Agency's leadership to formulate a plan to reduce its backlog of Freedom of Information Act requests. In September, the ICIG explained in a report that a FOIA request is considered part of an agency’s backlog when it remains unprocessed after 20 working days, or 30 days in special circumstances.

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FAS: Pentagon Asks Congress to Exempt Sensitive Military Data from FOIA

The Defense Department has called on Congress to exempt sensitive and unclassified information on military rules of engagement, tactics, techniques and procedures from the Freedom of Information Act, the Federation of American Scientists reported Tuesday. DoD said in the department’s proposed measures for inclusion in the fiscal 2018 defense authorization bill that …

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Motherboard: Trump’s Transition Team Sought Info From NASA on Space Resource Commercialization

President Donald Trump’s transition team inquired about the profitability and potential commercialization of space resources and technologies in a series of internal communications with NASA obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, Motherboard reported Thursday. David Axe writes the publication gained access to emails, briefings, budget spreadsheets and other …

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Mark Bradley Named NARA Info Security Oversight Office Director

Mark Bradley, director of the Freedom of Information Act declassification and pre-publication review at the Justice Department, has been appointed director of the National Archives and Records Administration‘s information security oversight office. He will transition to his new role on Dec. 27 and will lead the office that oversees the governmentwide security classification system …

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