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Guidehouse-AGA Study: Government Agencies More Susceptible to Fraud But Lack Resources

Increased Fraud Risk

Since the start of the pandemic, federal and local government agencies have become more susceptible to fraud but are lacking the resources to fight the sophisticated criminal activities, a survey conducted by Guidehouse and the Association of Government Accountants indicated. Based on the findings, 53 percent of the total 308 government professional respondents reported that there was an increased risk for fraud at the onset of the global health crisis, Guidehouse said Tuesday. 

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TransUnion Study Shows Prevalence of Account Takeover Fraud in Public Sector; Jonathan McDonald Quoted

Jonathan McDonald

A study conducted by TransUnion and the Ponemon Institute has found that 53 percent of federal, state and local government agency leaders said they have seen an increase in threats related to account takeover fraud in the past two years. “Combatting fraud in each vector, from mobile to online portals, is an imperative and essential task that government agencies must address in 2021,” said Jonathan McDonald, executive vice president and head of TransUnion’s public sector business.

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Procurement Collusion Strike Force Combats Illegal Schemes Targeting Federal Contracts; Richard Powers Quoted

Richard Powers

A strike force composed of the FBI, U.S. attorneys and other federal law enforcement agencies have launched more than 24 grand jury investigations in the U.S. and abroad to counter bid-rigging, market allocation, price-fixing and other fraudulent schemes targeting federal contracts. The strike force also has trained over 400 data scientists in the past six months. 

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Deep Labs, Snowflake Form Partnership to Prevent Government Fraud; CEO Scott Edington Quoted

Deep Labs

Deep Labs announced on Wednesday a partnership with a data cloud company Snowflake. The partnership aims to assist federal agencies to prevent and mitigate fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement. It will provide the public sector with a holistic means to modernize the detection of waste of taxpayer dollars.

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Cyware Names New Executives to Board of Directors; Anuj Goel Quoted

Anthony Belfiore and

Cyware has appointed Anthony Belfiore, Aon chief security officer (CSO), and Zach Sivertson, Mercato Partner's Prelude managing director, to its board of directors. Belfiore and Sivertson bring more than three decades of combined experience in cybersecurity to Cyware's board. "Zach and Anthony bring a unique blend of executive leadership and cybersecurity experience that will allow us to reach our next level of success," said Anuj Goel.

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SBA Inspector General Issues FY 2021 Management Challenges Report


The Small Business Administration’s (SBA) office of inspector general has issued a report on eight performance and management challenges facing SBA in fiscal year 2021. “Managing COVID 19 stimulus is the greatest overall challenge facing SBA currently. This crucial new challenge is exacerbated by persisting management and performance challenges best described as systemic,” the report states.

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VA Awards Halfaker DevOps Contract to Improve Security; Dawn Halfaker Quoted

Dawn Halfaker

Halfaker and Associates has been awarded the four-year, $11 million Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Program Integrity Tool (PIT) DevOps contract to advance the VA’s fraud, waste and abuse detection and prevention. The PIT platform currently houses commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions that implement uniform claim payment processes and identify abusive billing rules. 

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AWS Launches Amazon Fraud Detector to Identify & Reduce Fraud; Swami Sivasubramanian Quoted

Swami Sivasubramania

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced the general availability of Amazon Fraud Detector, a fully managed service that will simplify the identification of potentially fraudulent online activities such as online payment and identity fraud, the company reported on Tuesday

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