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USPTO Issues Patent for Naval Research Lab’s Seawater Carbon & Hydrogen Extraction Process

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a patent for the Electrolytic Cation Exchange Module‘s seawater carbon and hydrogen extraction process developed by the Naval Research Laboratory’s material science and technology division. NRL researchers designed E-CEM  to extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas, materials needed to produce synthetic liquid hydrocarbon fuels, the U.S. Navy …

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Navy to Power Ships Using Seawater-Extracted Fuel

The Department of the Navy plans to produce more than 50 percent of its jet fuel for ships from alternative sources by 2020 as part of efforts to achieve renewable energy goals, National Journal reported Friday. Marina Koren writes the Naval Research Laboratory is developing a technology for extracting gases …

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Sharon Burke: US Adversaries Target Fuel

The Defense Department is changing the way it approaches energy security as the U.S.’ adversaries are increasingly targeting fuel, the assistant defense secretary for operational energy plans and programs told Federal News Radio. Sharon Burke told interviewer Francis Rose she expects the military to ramp up its numbers of tactical …

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