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DOE Unveils $122M Funding Opportunity for Coal Research Centers


The Department of Energy (DOE) plans to award $122 million in funds to support facilities that will utilize coal to produce carbon-based offerings. DOE is seeking to create new approaches that will extract and handle critical minerals and rare earth elements from coal through the funding opportunity.

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DOE to Fund Marine Energy Research System Dev’t Projects


The Department of Energy is looking to issue financial assistance awards worth potentially $22M combined to support fundamental research, development and further assessment of marine energy technology platforms.

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DOE Unveils Funding Opportunities for Carbon Dioxide Capture Research Efforts

The Department of Energy intends to award up to $22 million in funds to back research initiatives in capturing carbon dioxide particles from ambient air. DOE said Monday that the Office of Science is looking for proposals that cover fundamental studies in chemical and material sciences.

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DOE Unveils R&D Funding Opportunity for Isotope Production


The Department of Energy (DOE) has earmarked $16 million in funds to support research and development initiatives for isotope production. DOE seeks to yield isotopes that are in shortage or unavailable for industrial, scientific and medical purposes through the funding opportunity, the department said Tuesday.

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