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Army Acts to Bolster PNT, EW Capabilities

The U.S. Army is working to boost the capacity of its ground-based precision navigation and timing technologies to address spoofing threats, or when signals are disrupted to produce inaccurate information. The service branch said Thursday that its current PNT technologies are still prone to spoofing issues caused by various factors such as weather, terrain or near-peer adversaries.

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Army Seeks Industry Support for PNT Tech Dev’t Efforts

Col. Nick Kioutas, the U.S. Army’s program manager for position, navigation and timing, said that PNT is a critical part of the service branch’s portfolio, National Defense Magazine reported Thursday. He told attendees at an Army Futures Command media day in Arlington, Va. that PNT technologies are crucial for penetration, disintegration and exploitation activities especially in contested or service-denied environments. 

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Report: US Would See $1B in Economic Losses During GPS Outage

RTI International, sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, released a report stating that a nationwide GPS outage would result in a $1 billion per day impact in critical industries. The report, titled “Economic Benefits of the Global Positioning System (GPS),” also found that the economic impact of a GPS service loss would be 50 percent higher during the planting season in April and May due to the agriculture sector’s widespread deployment of GPS-based technologies. 

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Gov’t, Industry Reps Discuss Emerging GPS Threats at Satellite 2019

Government and private sector leaders cited hacking and spoofing as potential threats to the nation’s GPS systems during the 2019 Satellite conference in Washington, D.C., C4ISRnet reported Saturday. James Miller, executive director of the National Space-Based positioning, navigation and timing advisory board, said during a panel discussion that while jamming is a pervasive threat in 2019, spoofing is a more complicated form of hacking that can manipulate and misguide GPS platforms. 

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Trump Proposes $686B for FY 2019 DoD Budget

President Donald Trump’s proposed budget for fiscal year 2019 would allocate $686 billion in funds for the Defense Department in support of the implementation of the National Defense Strategy and the White House’s National Security Strategy. DoD said Monday the budget request includes investments in combat aircraft, shipbuilding, ground systems, …

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