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AWS, Oxford University Explore Human-Machine Collaboration With AI, Cloud Tech

Artificial Intelligence

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the University of Oxford in England have partnered to test proofs of concept for human-machine interaction in education and other research areas using artificial intelligence tools and cloud computing platforms. AWS will also collaborate with the Oxford University's mathematical, physical and life sciences division in other projects through 2022 to incorporate AI and cloud technologies. 

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Air Force Research Lab Develops Robotic Machine to Automate Material Research

The Air Force Research Laboratory has developed a robotic machine to autonomously design, conduct and evaluate experimental data to aid materials research processes. The U.S. Air Force said Saturday the Autonomous Research System brings together robotics, artificial intelligence and data science in efforts to complete up to 100 experiments per day. Benji Maruyama, a …

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Robert Work Describes USAF’s Joint Interagency Combined Space Ops Center as 3rd Offset Strategy’s 1st Organizational Construct

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work has said the U.S. Air Force’s Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center serves as the initial organizational construct of the Defense Department’s Third Offset Strategy, DoD News reported Wednesday. Cheryl Pellerin writes Work told audience at an Air Force Association conference in Maryland that JICSpOC at Schriever Air Force Base in …

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Robert Work: Joint Interagency Combined Space Ops Center to Support 3rd Offset Strategy

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work believes that the Joint Interagency Combined Space Operations Center will play a key role to identify needed capabilities that will drive the Pentagon’s Third Offset Strategy, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday. “The JICSPOC in our view is the first operational and organizational construct of the Third Offset Strategy,” …

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