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USSOCOM Seeks AI, IoT Concepts for Next-Gen Operational Environment


The U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is prioritizing its efforts to deploy a hyper-enabled operator (HEO) technology to help warfighters utilize increased cognitive functionalities in the battlefield. “We are looking to put those types of sensors and communication devices on an operator collecting information in the operational environment,” Barnes added.

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USSOCOM to Seek Industry Input for ‘Hyper-Enabled Operator’ Concept

The U.S. Special Operations Command plans to hold a “disrupter event” at the 2019 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference on May 20 to 23 in Florida to discuss potential approaches to support its “hyper-enabled operator” efforts with industry, National Defense Magazine reported Friday. Jim Smith, acquisition executive at USSOCOM, said the command wants to explore the areas of data, presentation and computation to build technologies and enables the warfighter as well as logisticians, medics and psychological ops personnel to receive and analyze information real-time in the field.

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