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In the News: Dr. George Nield, Associate Administrator at FAA

What’s at stake in space for 2017-18? Over the next two years we will be facing some significant challenges and some opportunities–suborbital space tourism will be come a reality; multiple companies will demonstrate the ability to transport astronauts to and from the ISS; private companies will continue to pursue missions …

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In the News: Brig.- Gen. Mark A. Baird

Space could be a battleground. This idea is more or less a commentary on the current state of emerging affairs in aerospace; if we are to maintain our presence in space, we need some conscientious brand of ‘space situational awareness’ that all the players around the table can agree on. …

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In the News: Maj. Gen. David D. Thompson

“Our strategic competitors are actively threatening our space capabilities and we must be ready.” -@AFSpace, April 4, 2017 Space superiority, with little to no certainty, is a war-fighting domain–not because we want it to be but because our enemies are seeking to conquer, not come together. Before the 1967 Outer …

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In the News: Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX)

The Washington Post would say that “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Others–in house, in congress, in forum–would beg to differ. Congressman Will Hurd (R-), who represents the 23rd District of Texas, aims to repaint the administration-landscape, in the hopes that the bipartisan issues standing on the steps of Capitol Hill are …

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