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Space Force, NOAA Operate Reassigned Weather Satellite System

Imagery from EWS-G1

The U.S. Space Force and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have begun to jointly operate a weather satellite that has been reassigned for military use. The Electro-optical Infrared Weather System Geostationary (EWS-G1) satellite will collect space-based environmental data under a partnership between USSF and NOAA, Peterson Air Force Base said.

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DoD Tactical Comms Product Marketplace Goes Live

The Department of Defense's Joint Tactical Networking Center has declared initial operational capability status for an online repository of radios, waveform technology and other commercial products designed to help DoD customers communicate.

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F-35 Carrier Variant Granted Initial Operational Capability

The U.S. Navy announced the initial operational capability of the Lightning II aircraft's carrier variant, the F-35C,  has met requirements including safety certification and a complete set of support tools. The IOC milestone follows a set of qualification tests that the Navy's Strike Fighter Squadron 147 pursued aboard aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson, officials said Thursday.

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Israel Announces Operational Readiness of F-35s

The Israeli air force has declared that its fleet of Lockheed Martin-built F-35 fighter aircraft is ready for combat operations. Israel’s F-35s, named Adir, obtained initial operational capability after a year of training, which began when the country received its first aircraft in December 2016, Israel’s defense forces said Wednesday. …

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GAO: Navy Should Update Policy to Address Ship Defects

The Government Accountability Office has urged the U.S. Navy to revise its ship delivery policy to keep defective and incomplete ships from entering the service branch’s operational fleet. GAO said in a report published Monday it evaluated six Navy ships and found that the vessels were incomplete or showed quality problems …

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