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Maximus Supports COVID-19 Vaccination Programs; Bruce Caswell Quoted

Bruce Caswell

Maximus has announced that the company is supporting seven state vaccination programs, including Calif., Colo., N.Y. and D.C., with COVID-19 vaccine information and hotline services, Maximus reported on Friday. As part of its support, Maximus will help answer common questions, address concerns about the vaccine, resolve complaints and coordinate vaccination appointments.

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Ashley Mahan: FedRAMP Sees Increase in Cloud Product Reusability Requests

Ashley Mahan

Ashley Mahan, director of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) at the General Services Administration (GSA), said in an interview with Francis Rose of Government Matters the volume of requests by agencies to reuse FedRAMP-compliant cloud products has doubled since March as government personnel shifted to remote work due to the pandemic.

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Army’s Paul Puckett on FY 2020 Cloud Modernization Updates

Paul Puckett

Paul Puckett, director of the U.S. Army’s Enterprise Cloud Management Office (ECMO), said the service branch is working to implement a common cloud security service in line with the Defense Information Systems Agency's (DISA) standards. Puckett said that ECMO and the Army Analytics Group are working on establishing a “dynamic, resilient architecture” called cArmy. 

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Stephen Welby: DoD Needs to Accelerate Technological Decision-Making Cycle

Stephen Welby, assistant defense secretary for research and engineering, told Defense News in an interview published Monday that the Defense Department should make its “OODA Loop” process faster in terms of adopting technological approaches. He said to reporter Aaron Mehta he believes DoD’s Third Offset Strategy is about identifying what kinds of technology that the …

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GSA 18F Researchers ID Potential Barriers to Public’s Interactions With Government

Researchers at the General Services Administration’s 18F organization have outlined some findings from a study on how U.S. citizens interact with federal government. Carolyn Dew, Colin MacArthur and Michelle Chronister write in a blog post published Tuesday that they conducted the study for the “federal front door” project through interviews with individuals who transact with federal agencies from …

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John Allen: Coalition Fighting Islamic State Must Consider Physical, Info, Financial Spheres

Gen. John Allen, special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter the Islamic State group, has outlined the coalition’s focus on establishing clarity across several so-called “lines of effort” to defeat IS. In an interview posted Wednesday on the State Department website, the retired U.S. Marine Corps general told Elise Labott of CNN about the …

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Tony Sager: Fight Against Cyber Crime Needs Team Effort

Tony Sager, chief technologist for the Council on Cybersecurity, believes that bringing different organizations together to share cyber intelligence is key in the fight against security threats, GovInfoSecurity reported Friday. Eric Chabrow writes that Sager discussed the nonprofit’s collaboration with information technology vendors and their enterprise customers to help thwart …

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Post Office Footprint Shrinking, Donahoe Says

The Postal Service is moving forward with plans to shrink its overall footprint, Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe told CNN in an interview Sunday. The postal service is considering plans to consolidate offices and implement a $20 billion plan to transition to a five-day operation from the current six-day delivery operation. …

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