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NTIA Requests Info on Pros, Cons of IPv6 Tech Adoption

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration seeks ideas from industry on how NTIA can help accelerate adoption of internet protocol version 6 in the U.S. as well as information on the potential advantages and disadvantages of implementing the new network protocol. NTIA said Thursday that IPv6 can accommodate more than 340 undecillion web addresses compared with the approximately 4.3 billion addresses that IPv4 currently supports. NTIA …

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A Fourth of Govt. Websites Unreachable, Survey Finds

Nearly a fourth of the domains are unreachable, according to a recent analysis of the federal government’s online portfolio. Ben Balter, a new media fellow at the Federal Communications Commission and M.B.A. candidate at George Washington University, surveyed the more-than 1,800 websites owned and operated by federal government agencies. Only …

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