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Capt. John Dougherty Named Navy Precision Strike Weapons Program Manager

Capt. John Dougherty, formerly class desk officer for the U.S. Navy‘s unmanned carrier aviation program office, has taken a new role as manager of the service branch’s precision strike weapons program office. The Navy said Thursday that Dougherty will oversee 30 programs that cost more than $4.7 billion combined, including the Naval Air Systems …

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DARPA, Navy, Air Force Put Anti-Ship Missile Through Flight Test

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has partnered with the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy to demonstrate a Long-Range Anti-Ship Missile system that has been integrated into a bomber aircraft. DARPA said Monday the Lockheed Martin-designed missile navigated its way to a set of predesignated waypoints and worked to …

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Jaime Engdahl: No Plans to Arm Navy Carrier UAV

The U.S. Navy currently does not plan to weaponize a Northrop Grumman-built unmanned aerial vehicle that landed on an aircraft carrier in July, DoD Buzz reported Wednesday. Bryant Jordan writes the Navy has flown the X-47B for two years prior to its landing on the USS George H.W. Bush. Citing Naval Air Systems Command documents, …

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