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DARPA Holds Talks to Discuss Biotech Research Programs

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency held a series of talks in Menlo Park, California last week to discuss the biotechnology research programs of the agency’s Biological Technologies Office as well as ways to advance the commercialization of biotechnology platforms. The two-day meeting dubbed “Biotech Startups of the Future” highlighted BTO’s research …

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DARPA Demonstrates Nerve-Controlled Prosthetic Arm

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has demonstrated a robotic prosthetic arm that features technologies which work to support brain control and strapless integration functions. The Army said Wednesday Johnny Matheny — the research program’s test patient who lost his left arm to cancer — underwent procedures so he could use the remaining muscles and nerves …

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DARPA Seeks Brain Systems Measuring Tech; Justin Sanchez Comments

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is seeking a technology to analyze and measure brain systems for a program to develop therapies for neuropsychological illnesses among veterans and active soldiers. DARPA wants to evaluate medical hardware, human neural system models, clinical neurology and animal researches for the Systems-Based Neurotechnology for …

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