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Orion Spacecraft Production Progresses for Artemis Mission; Program Manager Cathy Koerner Quoted

Orion Spacecraft

NASA is almost finished working on the Orion spacecraft to be used for the first Artemis mission, which will lead to a series of flights aimed at reviving manned space exploration. The space agency said Friday that it is now working on Artemis II's assigned Orion and has also concluded welding activities for Artemis III's pressure vessel, with the support of prime contractor Lockheed Martin.

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Marine Corps Demos Operational Heavy Lift Capability With King Stallion Helicopter; Lt.Col. Luke Frank Quoted

King Stallion

The U.S. Marine Corps demonstrated the use of the CH-53K King Stallion helicopter for aircraft recovery missions, with a test that took place on Sept. 5. The King Stallion lifted and recovered an MH-60S Knighthawk from the White Mountains of California as part of an official heavy-lift mission, Naval Air Systems Command said Thursday.

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Shannon Curry Named Principal Investigator for NASA’s Mars Atmosphere Exploration; Bruce Jakosky Quoted

Shannon Curry

NASA has appointed planetary scientist Shannon Curry to serve as principal investigator for the space agency's first mission to study the atmosphere of Mars. She replaces Bruce Jakosky, who led the orbital operations of the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission for seven years and will continue to work as a member of the mission team.

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Report: Air Force’s Tactical Aircraft Study Could Reshape Fighter Inventory; Todd Harrison Quoted

F-35A Joint

The U.S. Air Force is carrying out a tactical aircraft study as it prepares its budget request for fiscal year 2023 and looks to whittle down the types of fighter jets it operates from seven to four platforms. The four fighter platforms could include the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter; the sixth-generation Next Generation Air Dominance system or NGAD; F-15EX; and F-16 or its potential replacement.

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John Somplasky Named VP of Program Excellence for DSA; Chairman Fran Pierce Quoted

John Somplasky Named

Data Systems Analysts announced on Tuesday that John Somplasky has received a promotion to become the company’s new vice president of Program Excellence and Quality Management. He brings a strong depth of technical knowledge to the role as well as first hand experience in the company’s cybersecurity program and information security management system. 

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Lockheed, Navy Surface Warfare Centers Collaborate to Deploy High-Energy Laser Tech; Tyler Fitzsimmons Quoted


Three Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) divisions have worked with Lockheed Martin to help the U.S. Navy field a laser control technology the company developed to support the branch's combat identification, threat engagement and battle damage assessment efforts. Crane, Dahlgren shared experiences in low-power and high-energy technology with the project. 

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Air Force Test-Fires Infrared-Guided Missile From F-15C Aircraft; Maj. Brian Davis Quoted

F-15C w/ IRST

The U.S. Air Force's 85th Test and Evaluation Squadron has demonstrated the F-15C Eagle aircraft's ability to fire an air-to-air missile via an infrared-based targeting system. The aircraft fired an AIM-120 Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile to intercept a QF-16 aerial target on Thursday at Eglin Air Force Base.

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Booz Allen Appoints Matt Tarascio as Strategic Innovation Group Senior Vice President; Steve Escaravage Quoted

Matt Tarascio

Booz Allen Hamilton announced on Wednesday its appointment of Matt Tarascio as a senior vice president in the strategic innovation group (SIG). He will lead the analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) business in support of the Department of Defense (DOD) and spearhead Booz Allen’s efforts to accelerate the integration of analytics, data science and AI capabilities for public and private-sector missions.

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Air Force Puts Hypersonic Missile Warhead Through Detonation Test

Lockheed Martin

The U.S. Air Force set off a hypersonic missile warhead for the first time during a recent Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon test held at Eglin AF Base in Florida. USAF said Wednesday that its 780th Test Squadron aimed to evaluate the lethality of the rocket-powered hypersonic technology via the detonation event.

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SOS International Appoints Michael Garson as General Counsel, Kimberly Parker as VP for Contracts; CEO Julian Setian Quoted

Julian Setian

SOS International (SOSi) announced on Tuesday that the company has appointed Michael Garson as general counsel and Kimberly Parker as vice president for Contracts. Garson possesses over two decades of experience in the defense, technology and telecommunications industries. Parker joins SOSi from Applied Insight, where she worked as the chief administrative officer, corporate secretary, and vice president of Contracts, Ethics and Compliance.

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