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Air Force Accelerating F-35 Flight, Maintenance Planning Process With New App

A software development team within the U.S. Air Force has developed an application designed to accelerate the process of planning the weekly maintenance and flight schedule for F-35 fighter jets, Defense News reported Wednesday. The service’s Kessel Run team built the Kronos app as part of the Mad Hatter program, which launched in 2018 to address the logistics issues facing F-35 pilots and maintainers.

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Christopher Grady: Navy, Industrial Base Need to Adjust for Maintenance, Modernization Demands

During a Surface Navy Association event, Adm. Christopher Grady, commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, said the U.S. Navy and industrial base need better flexibility to accelerate shipbuilding and maintenance operations, USNI News reported Thursday. Grady noted the industrial base’s growth rate is not keeping up with the Navy’s maintenance demands, with the suppliers being “optimized for cost efficiency” as a result.

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GAO Calls On US Navy to Expedite Attack Sub Maintenance Work

The Government Accountability Office reports that, over the past 10 fiscal years, U.S. Navy attack submarines suffered significant maintenance service delays resulting in protracted idle times and billions of dollars in support costs that yield zero operational returns.

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