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GAO: DOD Needs Reporting Strategy to Improve Weapon Systems Oversight


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has recommended that the Department of Defense (DOD) come up with a reporting strategy to enhance oversight of weapon systems developed using multiple pathways. GAO conducted its annual assessment of DOD’s weapon programs and found that the Pentagon’s new acquisition framework enables program managers to implement one or more of six acquisition pathways, including middle-tier acquisition and major capability acquisition pathways.

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Pentagon Increases Major Defense Procurement Cost Estimate to $2T

The Department of Defense’s cost estimates for the acquisition of major weapons platforms climbed from $1.92T in 2017 to $2T in 2018 covering 87 programs. According to the annual Selected Acquisition Reports, the total program costs for DoD rose by 4 percent to $624.1B driven by the F-35 program. The total acquisition cost of the program jumped by $15.3B in base year 2012 dollars.

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Ellen Lord Wants DoD to Move Majority of Major Acquisition Programs to Service Branches

Ellen Lord, defense undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics, has said she plans to move the “bulk” of major defense acquisition programs and personnel associated with MDAPs back to the three service branches, Defense News reported Wednesday. “Congress has been very, very clear in the last few [National Defense Authorization Acts] that …

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