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Bechtel’s Mike Costas Named to ASCEND’s 2021 Guiding Coalition


ASCEND announced on Monday its 2021 Guiding Coalition. The Coalition is an advisory board of technical, scientific, engineering and business leaders selected to help maximize ASCEND's mission. The board will include Mike Costas, general manager and principal vice president of Bechtel's Defense and Space business line.

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NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Conducts First Flight Demo on Mars

Ingenuity Mars

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter performed its initial flight on the Red Planet and flew for a total of 39.1 seconds at an altitude of 10 feet on Monday. A team at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) confirmed the first flight demonstration of the solar-powered helicopter after receiving data from Ingenuity through the space agency’s Perseverance Mars rover.

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DIA Releases New Analytical Product to Support Military Decision Making; Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier Quoted

Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier

The Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has unveiled a new minimum viable product (MVP) that would analytically inform military leaders on foreign forces. The new MVP marks DIA's effort to augment defense analysis and follows the first MVP, which analytically processes infrastructure information. The agency plans to release more MARS products in the future to support defense-related decision-making.

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NASA Researchers Use Mixed Reality to Study Other-World Environments From Earth; Darlene Lim Quoted

Darlene Lim

NASA has studied how virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies can support exploration missions on Mars and the Moon. The space agency said Tuesday that its Ames Research Center led three projects that tackled mix reality applications in volcanic environment studies, life-searching in space and operational design for scientific missions in austere environments.

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NASA Picks 16 Teams to Develop Deep Space Exploration Mission Proposals

Deep Space Exploration

NASA has chosen 16 academic teams to further their deep-space exploration proposals as part of the agency’s Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts – Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) program. Representatives from Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin and Boeing were among the industry experts that helped select the many participating teams.

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Cobham-Built Tech Assists in Precision Landing of NASA Rover on Mars

Cobham Mission Systems

Cobham's mission systems business said Tuesday its space pyrotechnic valves on the NASA Perseverance rover mission supported precise landing on Mars. Eight valves fired at exactly the right moment to allow an on-target guided entry, descent and landing on Mars as the Rover’s transitioned from parachute to retrorockets deceleration.

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NASA’s Perseverance Rover in Transit to Martian Surface; Jennifer Trosper Quoted


NASA's Perseverance rover is on the way to Mars, as the space agency expects the vehicle to land on martian ground this Thursday.  NASA reported that the Mars 2020 spacecraft, which contains Perseverance, is operating as expected in transit to the Jezero Crater. “Perseverance is operating perfectly right now, and all systems are go for landing,” Jennifer Trosper, deputy project manager for the mission, said at the briefing. 

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NASA’s Deep-Space Satellite Dish Goes Online


NASA has added another antenna to its Deep Space Network (DSN) that will handle communications with space missions including the Perseverance rover that is slated to land on Mars in Feb. 2021. NASA envisions DSS-56 to support the interplanetary switchboard network in managing navigation and communication operations for subsequent deep-space missions. 

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GAO: DIA Needs Robust Stakeholder Engagement Plan for Intell Repository Modernization Program


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has recommended the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) to establish a strategy for coordinating with the intelligence community and other stakeholders on the development of its new data-management system. GAO said Thursday that DIA is yet to provide a plan for ongoing stakeholder coordination in line with the development of the Machine-assisted Analytic Rapid-repository System (MARS). 

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NASA Issues Audit on Mars Sample Collection Campaign; Jim Bridenstine, Thomas Zurbuchen Quoted

Jim Bridenstine

NASA has released an independent report detailing the agency’s readiness to conduct a campaign focused on obtaining soil samples from Mars to be used for Earth-based scientific research. “We know there are challenges ahead, but that’s why we look closely at these architectures,” said Jim Bridenstine, administrator of NASA and a former Wash100 Award winner.

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