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NASA, Boeing Develop In-Orbit Payload Housing Platform

NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center and Boeing have collaborated to develop an in-orbit storage platform for payloads built to support scientific research efforts aboard the International Space Station. ISS currently houses multiple science payloads in eight shelving units dubbed EXpedite the PRocessing of Experiments to Space Station Racks and outfitted …

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Robert Lightfoot to Serve as Acting NASA Administrator

NASA Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot will replace Charles Bolden as the space agency’s acting administrator after the latter’s tenure ends on Jan. 20, SpacePolicyOnline.com reported Thursday. Marcia Smith writes Bolden said at a town hall meeting with NASA employees that President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team announced Lightfoot’s new role and requested David Radzanowski to temporarily …

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NASA Prepares for Solar Probe, Deep Space Missions With Simulation Chamber

NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center is using a 4-by-8-foot vacuum chamber to test components of a sensor package that will support the planned 2018 Solar Probe Plus mission that aims to send a spacecraft into the sun’s atmosphere. The agency said Tuesday the High Intensity Solar Environment Test system works to simulate extreme conditions in space and subject test …

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