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DOE Funding Data Science Projects for Chemistry, Materials Science Applications

The Department of Energy is investing $30M to fund research on data science applications in the chemistry and materials science areas. The effort, under the department's Basic Energy Sciences program, is seeking projects that apply data science to uncover mechanisms behind the chemical and material aspects of energy, DOE said Friday

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DARPA Pursues Materials Science Programs

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is exploring technology opportunities in the field of materials science as its Defense Sciences Office works to develop materials for usage in national security. DARPA said Friday DSO is pursuing several programs that utilize existing tools and processes in materials science and facilitate new development. “[We] are moving …

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Mick Maher: DARPA Asks Scientific, Engineering Communities to Cut New Material Development Time

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking to forge a methodology for reducing the time it takes vendors to develop new materials for various missions by 75 percent. DARPA plans to consolidate materials science, computational materials engineering, engineering, design, analysis and manufacturing principles under the Materials Development for Platforms program, …

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