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Obama Chooses Senate Aide, Lawyer for FCC Posts

President Obama on Monday nominated Jessica Rosenworcel, a Senate aide and Democrat, and Republican lawyer Ajit Pai to serve as members of the Federal Communications Commission. Rosenworcel is senior communications counsel for the Senate Commerce Committee and has advised Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.) since 2009. She has previous experience at …

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Reaction to Net Neutrality Vote Varies

The Vote In a vote that was closely observed, live-blogged, live-streamed and tweeted about, the Federal Communications Commission, as expected, approved the first-ever Internet access regulations yesterday. The vote is poised to enshrine the concept of net neutrality — the idea that all Internet traffic be treated equally — into …

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Net Neutrality Update I: Will the Proposal Get the Votes?

Questions have been swirling about Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski’s new net neutrality proposal since he first laid it out it out last week. It would enshrine the concept of treating all Internet traffic equally into law, but it also held out the carrot of allowing Internet providers to …

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