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DOD Picks Army Supercomputing Research as One of FY 2022 Frontier Projects; Luis Bravo Quoted

Army Supercomputing

The Department of Defense (DOD) has selected a U.S. Army supercomputing project that seeks to study and demonstrate large-scale simulations of gas turbine engines as part of the High-Performance Computing Modernization Program. The proposal from Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (DEVCOM ARL) and the Naval Air Warfare Center is one of the four Frontier Projects that DOD picked in the Foundational Research and Engineering Category for fiscal year 2022.

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Anthony Iasso Named Xator CTO; CEO David Scott Quoted

Anthony Iasso

The Xator Corporation announced on Friday that Anthony Iasso has been appointed the company’s new chief technology officer. Xator CEO David Scott elaborated that Iasso would take advantage of Xator’s key investments in the company’s acquisitions and tech capabilities to further propel its solution offerings for its customers. 

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Maj. Josh Benson: USMC Eyes Marine Littoral Regiment Formation in FY 2022

Marine Corps

Maj. Josh Benson, a spokesman for the U.S. Marine Corps, said the service plans to establish the first Marine Littoral Regiment in fiscal year 2022, as part of its strategy to counter peer competitors in the Indo-Pacific with small maneuvering units. “Experiments, wargames, modeling and simulation will play a key role in the phased approach to the MLR development," Benson said.

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DoD’s Alan Shaffer: New Modeling, Simulation Approaches Key to Expediting Acquisition Lifecycle

Alan Shaffer

Alan Shaffer, deputy acquisition chief of the Department of Defense (DoD), has said that digitization, model composability, digital engineering and modular open-systems frameworks are key to implementing advanced modeling and simulation techniques. Shaffer said that the U.S. military needs to implement new modeling and simulation approaches to accelerate the delivery of next-generation tools.

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David Bader: LLNL Climate Modeling Project Aims to Answer ‘Grand Challenges’

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has partnered with academic and private-sector organizations and seven other U.S. national laboratories to create a comprehensive climate and Earth system model by using high-performance computing technologies. Anne Stark, a senior public information officer at LLNL, writes Tuesday that the 10-year Accelerated Climate Modeling for Energy …

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