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Senate to Develop NASA Human Spaceflight Bill

Sens. Ted Cruz, Roger Wicker, Krysten Sinema and Maria Cantwell have collaborated to create a bill to help NASA direct its human spaceflight activities, SpaceNews reported Friday. The unnamed legislation follows a filed Mars exploration bill in 2017 and will support commercial space initiatives for manned Moon missions by 2024.

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Nat’l Space Council Seeks More Gov’t Investment to Accelerate Mars Missions

Scott Pace, executive secretary of the National Space Council, has said the Trump administration and NASA need to focus on long-term efforts to send humans to Mars, Space News reported Saturday. The council has already called on Congress to invest in more resources for the planned 2024 moon landing in order to establish a sustainable lunar presence and enable Mars missions to begin in “roughly a decade”, Pace told attendees at the International Space Development Conference in Arlington, Va. 

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NASA Leader Calls for Support from Industry for Moon Exploration

Jim Bridenstine, NASA administrator and a Wash100 winner, called on other nations and the private sector to help the U.S. to return humans to the lunar surface in 2024, Space.com reported Tuesday. He said NASA could meet the mission’s schedule, but the agency needs partnerships outside the government to help reduce its financial burden.  

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Report: NASA to Request $21B in Funds for Fiscal 2020

NASA will request $21 billion in total budget for fiscal 2020, reflecting a two percent drop from its current spending and a five percent rise from the agency’s funding request in 2018, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. People familiar with the proposed budget told the publication that NASA is expected to request a funding increase of over $500 million for lunar exploration and related missions in 2020 to advance government-industry partnerships on moon landers.

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