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Maxar’s Lunar Gateway PPE Passes First Design Review; Chris Johnson Quoted

Chris Johnson

Maxar Technologies announced on Monday that the company's Power and Propulsion Element (PPE) it is developing for NASA’s Lunar Gateway has passed its first Preliminary Design Review (PDR) and remains on track for launch in 2024. The PPE is the foundational element of the Lunar Gateway as it provides power, maneuvering, attitude control and communications systems for the lunar orbiting outpost. 

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Air Force Research Lab Publishes Guidance on Cislunar Space

Lunar Mission

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has released a document designed to help military servicemen understand the cislunar space concept, which refers to the space between Earth and the moon. The document, titled “A Primer on Cislunar Space,” features a description of cislunar space, related details and specific measurements to help readers determine the space's physical coverage.

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Bechtel’s Mike Costas Named to ASCEND’s 2021 Guiding Coalition


ASCEND announced on Monday its 2021 Guiding Coalition. The Coalition is an advisory board of technical, scientific, engineering and business leaders selected to help maximize ASCEND's mission. The board will include Mike Costas, general manager and principal vice president of Bechtel's Defense and Space business line.

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Astroport Space Technologies Awarded Phase One STTR NASA Contract for Lunar Construction Research; Sam Ximenes Quoted

Lunar Construction

Astroport Space Technologies announced on Friday that it has been awarded a  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Phase 1 Small Business Technology Transfer contract (STTR) for the development of its lunar regolith melting technology for constructing landing pads on the lunar surface

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NASA Researchers Use Mixed Reality to Study Other-World Environments From Earth; Darlene Lim Quoted

Darlene Lim

NASA has studied how virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies can support exploration missions on Mars and the Moon. The space agency said Tuesday that its Ames Research Center led three projects that tackled mix reality applications in volcanic environment studies, life-searching in space and operational design for scientific missions in austere environments.

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NASA Earmarks Grant Funding for Early-Stage Lunar Technology Research

Lunar Construction

NASA has selected researchers that will take part in initial studies focused on technologies for lunar missions including optical systems and “levitation” technology based on autonomous concepts. Jenn Gustetic, director of early-stage innovations and partnerships at STMD, said that providing seed funding for initial research “could benefit NASA greatly in the long run."

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NASA Ready to Implement Final Design of Upcoming Lunar Rover; Sarah Noble Quoted


NASA has decided to move forward with the final design of a rover that would fly to the moon in 2023 in search of water and ice. The Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover (VIPER) will enter the implementation phase of its final design, following the rover's completion of a preliminary design review in August last year. 

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NASA’s Deep-Space Satellite Dish Goes Online


NASA has added another antenna to its Deep Space Network (DSN) that will handle communications with space missions including the Perseverance rover that is slated to land on Mars in Feb. 2021. NASA envisions DSS-56 to support the interplanetary switchboard network in managing navigation and communication operations for subsequent deep-space missions. 

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NASA Announces Priorities for Artemis Moon Landing; Thomas Zurbuchen Quoted

Space Debris

NASA has identified its science priorities for the Artemis III mission, which have been included in a recent NASA report. “This report helps outline a path forward toward the compelling science we can now contemplate doing on the lunar surface in conjunction with human explorers,” said Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

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NASA Seeks New Partnerships to Support Artemis Program; Jim Bridenstine Quoted

Jim Bridenstine

NASA has announced that the agency will develop new partners to support the Artemis program and advance human exploration of the Moon, the agency reported on Thursday. NASA plans to further explore the lunar surface and create a sustainable human presence with Artemis in preparation for future human missions to Mars.

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