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NASA Advisory Council Suggests Review on Planetary Protection Guidelines; Thomas Zurbuchen Quoted

NASA's advisory council is recommending the space agency to review existing policies on preventing extraplanetary matter from contaminating earth and Earth-based spacecraft from contaminating foreign planets, Space News reported Friday. Following a two-day meeting, the council advises NASA to establish a committee to conduct this review on planetary protection and formulate policies that balance exchanges between Earth and other planetary bodies.

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Maxar’s Mike Gold Named Chairman of New NASA Advisory Council Panel

Mike Gold, vice president of regulatory issues at Maxar Technologies, has been named chairman of a new committee within the NASA Advisory Council that will address policy and regulatory issues facing commercial space activities, SpaceNews reported Thursday. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine appointed Gold as chairman and announced the creation of the new panel during the advisory council’s meeting Wednesday at Ames Research Center in California.

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NASA Advisory Council Adds Members to Help Guide Space Station, Mars Mission Aims

Wanda Austin, Wayne Hale, Scott Hubbard, Miles O’Brien, Thomas Young and Kathryn Schmoll have been appointed to the NASA Advisory Council to help guide the agency’s leadership on making operational decisions. The appointees will advice the agency on missions in areas such as Mars exploration, commercial cargo services, the International Space Station, Orion and the Space Launch System, NASA said Wednesday. …

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