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Report: NASA Chief Jim Bridenstine Set to Announce Human Lunar Lander Program HQ

NASA Administrator and 2019 Wash100 Award winner Jim Bridenstine is scheduled to announce the selection of the Alabama-based Marshall Space Flight Center as the headquarters for its human lunar lander program on Friday to bring astronauts to the moon by 2024, Reuters reported Friday.

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Federal Interim Rule Prohibits Gov’t Procurement of Chinese Telecom Equipment

A council of officials from the General Services Administration, NASA and the Department of Defense published an interim rule that would prohibit federal agencies from buying telecommunications and video surveillance systems and services from Huawei and four other Chinese telecom companies, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

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NASA Identifies Potential Sites for Asteroid Bennu Material Sampling Mission

NASA has chosen four candidate areas on asteroid Bennu that may serve as sample collection sites for the Lockheed Martin-built Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer spacecraft. The selected sites measure 16 to 33 feet in radius and contain "ponds" of fine grain material that may work as samples for high-resolution observation procedures, the agency said Tuesday

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NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine Providing Update on First Artemis Lunar Mission on Aug. 15th

NASA Administrator and 2019 Wash100 Award winner Jim Bridenstine will meet with members of the Space Launch System (SLS) program on Thursday, Aug. 15th to discuss and view progress on the rocket and take questions from media at 11:30 a.m. CDT in front of SLS's 212-foot-tall core stage. 

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NASA Completes Hot Fire Test for Orion Service Module

NASA conducted a static fire test on Aug. 5 for the Orion's service module in a move to validate the performance of various propellant platforms, engine systems and related subsystems. The Orion's service module is built to provide the spacecraft's crew with power, in-space maneuvering capabilities and life support systems, NASA said Tuesday.

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NASA to Deploy Hyperspectral Radiometer for Coastal Water Studies

NASA will use an imaging tool to conduct studies of coastal waters from space to sustain coastal ecosystems and optimize resource management functions. Developed by a team from the University of New Hampshire, the Geosynchronous Littoral Imaging and Monitoring Radiometer is a hyperspectral ocean color radiometer will observe ocean chemistry, biology and ecology in the southeastern U.S. coastline, Gulf of Mexico and Amazon River, the agency said Friday

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