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DARPA Produces Results in First Phase of Genetic Engineering Safety Program

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is making progress in its program designed to reduce risks in genetic engineering technologies. The agency said Tuesday its Safe Genes program's first phase has resulted to the development of tools that would aid in studying the control of genome editors.

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DoD Supports Strategy for Global Health Security

The Department of Defense is supporting a national effort to prevent the spread of diseases across the U.S. and allied countries. The government's 2019 Global Health Security Strategy aims to foster international collaboration with foreign nations and organizations to avert and address disease outbreaks, DoD said Thursday.

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Trump Releases Strategy to Boost US Biodefense Enterprise

President Trump has introduced a strategy that aims to help the federal government respond to biological threats and boost the U.S. biodefense enterprise.

Trump noted in his recently signed National Security Presidential Memorandum that secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services will oversee the implementation of the National Biodefense Strategy, the White House said Tuesday.

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