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Mike Pence: ‘Space Force’ Aims to Address ‘Fragmented Responsibilities’ Over National Security Programs

Vice President Mike Pence has said the establishment of a “space force” as the sixth military branch seeks to address the “lack of centralized leadership and accountability” over programs that aim to promote national security in space. Pence said Tuesday at the National Space Council’s fourth meeting at the National Defense University that the council would vote on six recommendations for the proposed roadmap to form the new service, which he says would help sort out the "fragmented responsibilities" over national security space initiatives.

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Report: Draft Directive Calls for DoD to Submit Legislative Proposal for ‘Space Force’

A draft policy directive would direct the Defense Department to hand over to the Office of Management and Budget by Dec. 1 a legislative proposal to establish a “space force” as a separate service branch, SpaceNews reported Monday. The proposed Space Policy Directive-4 obtained by the publication would require DoD to submit a budget plan for the space-focused service for inclusion in the president’s fiscal 2020 funding request.

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National Space Council to Discuss Space Force Progress, Plans at Next Meeting

The National Space Council will discuss proposals to establish a space-dedicated service branch at a meeting scheduled for Oct. 23, Space News reported Monday. Vice President Mike Pence said in a tweet that the meeting will cover existing progress and steps leading to the development of a Space Force.

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Gen. Joseph Dunford: National Security Leaders Should Assess Risks, Joint Force Capabilities Against Threat Actors

Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said national security leaders should evaluate risks and capabilities of the joint force in order to counter threats from state and non-state actors, DoD News reported Tuesday. Jim Garamone writes Dunford on Tuesday told class 2017 members at the National Defense University …

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White House to Give Nominations for 5 DoD Leadership Roles

The White House will submit nominations for Ricardo Aguilera, Janine Davidson, Lisa Disbrow, Eric Fanning and Jennifer O’Connor for leadership positions within the Defense Department. “These fine public servants bring a depth of experience and tremendous dedication to their important roles,” President Barack Obama said in an announcement posted Friday. Obama will nominate Aguilera, a professor …

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Profile: Michele Flournoy, CNAS Co-Founder and CEO

Michele Flournoy is the co-founder and CEO of the nonpartisan think tank Center for a New American Security, which offers ideas for national security policies. Flournoy served as defense undersecretary for policy from February 2009 to February 2012, where she worked with the defense secretary on security and defense policy, oversight of military plans and …

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