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NIST Updates Mobile Apps Security Guidelines

The National Institute of Standards and Technology issued its updated guidance on mobile application vetting and security that allows organizations to explore new resources to secure apps. On Friday the revised 2015 Vetting the Security of Mobile Applications document was published, assisting organizations with assessment of mobile applications for cybersecurity vulnerabilities. 

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NIST Expands Hiring Authority for IT Leads, Engineers, Scientists

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released new direct hiring authorities to allow federal hiring managers to skip some steps in the process to employ new information technology managers, general engineers and general physical scientists. “The expanded direct-hire authority will allow NIST to simplify and expedite hiring for managers in mission critical occupations,” according to a notice issued Thursday.

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GSA Updates Special Item Number for Cloud Services on IT Schedule 70

The General Services Administration revised a special item number on IT Schedule 70 to provide federal agencies access to information technology professional services related to cloud adoption and management. The updated Cloud SIN 132-40 includes labor categories and services associated with cloud-related work such as assessment of cloud platforms, workload refactoring, migration of legacy systems to the cloud, DevOps and development of cloud-based applications, GSA said Monday.

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NIST’s Ron Ross on Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence

Ron Ross, a computer scientist and a National Institute of Standards and Technology fellow, told Fifth Domain in an interview published on Friday that the potential role of artificial intelligence in improving cybersecurity depends on the development of a trusted platform. “Any AI program that you’re running at the application level is totally going to be bogus information,” he said.

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Naomi Lefkovitz on Five Functions of NIST’s Privacy Framework

Naomi Lefkovitz, senior privacy policy adviser at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, offered updates on a proposed framework to help organizations address issues related to data privacy at RSA Conference 2019, Threatpost reported Thursday. Lefkovitz told the audience that privacy should be considered as part of organizations’ “broader enterprise risk management activity.”

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NIST Issues Revised Guidance on Email Security

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released its revised guidelines on federal email security in an effort to provide agencies with updates on cyber security. The document helps agencies reduce the risk of email being used as an attack vector and to avoid the risk of content leaks to unauthorized parties.

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