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Navy Scientists Will Launch Space Experiments to ISS

Scientists at the U.S. Navy‘s corporate laboratory will send two experiments to the International Space Station on Feb. 17 as part of the Defense Department‘s Space Test Program mission. The National Research Laboratory said Wednesday its Limb-Imaging Ionospheric and Thermospheric Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrograph and GPS Radio Occultation and Ultraviolet Photometer Co-located experiments are two of …

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Navy Researchers Study Barnacle Components to Address Ship Maintenance Costs

Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory have discovered 45 components of barnacle adhesive as part of efforts to address barnacle encrustation on the surface of U.S. Navy vessels. NRL said Tuesday the encrustation of barnacles and other sea creatures costs the service branch $56 million in annual maintenance and fuel consumption costs for Arleigh Burke-class …

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Naval Research Lab Uncovers Opposite Spin Polarization in Surface States of 2 Topological Insulators

U.S. Naval Research Laboratory scientists have discovered opposite spin polarization in the Dirac surface state of bismuth selenide, a topological insulator, and the two-dimensional electron gas surface state of a common semiconductor known as indium arsenide. The scientists detected spin polarization that was produced by an unpolarized bias current through the …

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Profile: Richard Hale, DoD Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity

Richard Hale serves as deputy chief information officer for cybersecurity at the Defense Department. In this capacity, he oversees DoD’s cybersecurity program and coordinates with other federal agencies, coalition partners and companies to develop cybersecurity standards, policies and procedures. Hale previously worked at the Defense Information Systems Agency as chief information assurance executive with responsibility …

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DARPA Aids University of Colorado, Boulder Discovery of Ultrathin Material Synthesis Approach

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency supported a University of Colorado-Boulder research team that discovered an approach on how to synthesize ultrathin materials at room temperature under the agency’s Local Control of Materials Synthesis program. DARPA said Wednesday the CU team demonstrated room-temperature deposition of silicon and gallium nitride and a capacity to etch specific materials that …

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