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DoD Puts up New Hypersonics Engineering Office at NSWC Crane; Mark Lewis Quoted

Mark Lewis

The Department of Defense (DoD) has stood up an Indiana-based office that would support collaborative engineering for hypersonic system development. The Joint Hypersonics Transition Office's Systems Engineering Field Activity will operate from Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division, to help DoD better access NSWC-linked experts from government, commercial and academic sectors.

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NSWC Crane Brings AI-Ready Infrastructure to US Navy

AI-Ready Infrastructure

Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane fielded a high-performance computing technology as part of efforts to implement deep learning, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities into the U.S. Navy. John Strange, a computer scientist at NSWC Crane, said AIRI serves as a hardware configuration that aims to help scientists and data architects process critical training workloads and lower compute times.

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Intel Federal Wins DoD Contract Under SHIP Program; Jim Brinker Quoted

Jim Brinker

The Department of Defense (DoD) has awarded Intel Federal the second phase of its State-of-the-Art Heterogeneous Integration Prototype (SHIP) program that will enable federal agencies to access Intel’s state-of-the-art semiconductor packaging capabilities in Arizona and Oregon. The federal government will gain access to capabilities created by Intel’s annual research and development (R&D) and manufacturing investment.

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Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Introduces Database for Shock Qualification

Shock Qualification

Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia Division and partners from the U.S. Navy have created a new database that features content on equipment shock resistance. The eForms database's electronic shock module is designed to facilitate the management of information that helps the Navy determine the shock qualification of certain equipment, Naval Sea Systems Command said Friday.

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Naval Surface Warfare Center Prototypes Detection Tech via OTAs

Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane Division pursues prototyping of autonomous detection systems via other transaction authority, an alternative, accelerated procurement approach. NSWC Crane said Tuesday it employs Strategic and Spectrum Missions Advanced Resilient Trusted Systems or S2MARTS OTAs to rapidly develop and test the Autonomous Fiber Optic Sensor Network prototype.

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Navy Engages With Indiana University to Establish New Research Facility


Naval Surface Warfare Center Crane is helping Indiana University establish a new laboratory facility that would support science and technology projects. The new Multidisciplinary Engineering and Sciences Hall or MESH would serve as an activity venue for the university's Intelligent Systems Engineering program, Naval Sea Systems Command said Wednesday.

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Navy Continues Mine Countermeasure Tests Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Naval Surface Warfare Center's Panama City Division has conducted tests of an unmanned surface vehicle designed to deter mine threats. NSWC PCD continued mine countermeasure USV testing at the coastal test range amid the coronavirus pandemic, Naval Sea Systems Command said Thursday. The CTR facility operates near NSWC PCD and features fielding ranges for mine warfare testing and training.

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