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NIST Publishes Behavioral Anomaly Detection Guide on Industrial Control Systems

The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, in cooperation with the National Institute of Science and Technology's Engineering Laboratory, has introduced a process that shows how a manufacturing firm can update the security of its industrial control systems via behavioral anomaly detection.

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CyberSeek: D.C. Metro Area Has Largest Number of Cybersecurity Job Openings

New figures from CyberSeek reveal that the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area has landed the top spot when it comes to the number of cybersecurity job openings. The D.C. metro area has approximately 44K vacancies for cyber professionals, followed by New York City at 20.2K, Dallas at 12K, Chicago at 11.2K and Los Angeles at 10.6K, the National Institute of Standards and Technology said Wednesday.

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JILA Researchers Measure Multi-Particle Interactions in Atom Experiment

Researchers from the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics have successfully measured multi-particle interactions among groups of atoms arrayed within an atomic clock, the National Institute of Standards and Technology reported Wednesday. JILA researchers used a three-dimensioned strontium lattice clock to control several arrays of atoms and used a new imaging technique to measure the particles’ subsequent quantum states.

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Katerina Megas: Agencies Must Recognize Cyber Risks in IoT Devices

Katerina Megas, program manager for National Institute of Standards and Technology's Cybersecurity for Internet of Things program, said in a recent summit that agencies must be aware of challenges that IoT brings in cybersecurity, FCW reported Thursday. Megas leads a program seeking to establish cybersecurity standards that would guide federal agencies' usage of IoT devices.

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NIST Adds Seven Updates to Draft Risk Management Framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released an updated draft of its Risk Management Framework designed to guide federal agencies in protecting their information systems.

The agency said Tuesday the update aims to create a better correlation between the risk management processes and activities at the executive level and those at the operational level, as well as standardize critical risk management preparatory activities at all risk management efforts.

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NIST Seeks Comments on Current Draft for IoT Guide

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is sourcing for comments to formulate a publication that would inform agencies and organizations on the cybersecurity risks linked with Internet-of-Things devices. With "Considerations for Managing Internet of Things Cybersecurity and Privacy Risks," NIST intends to increase awareness on the effects of IoT devices on privacy and cybersecurity, the agency said Monday.

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NIST Estimates Encryption Standard’s Economic Benefit at $250B; Walter Copan Quoted

A National Institute of Standards and Technology study estimates the economic impact of an encryption standard launched two decades ago to be worth approximately $250B. NIST said Wednesday the Advanced Encryption Standard is an algorithm that works to decrypt and encrypt electronic data and was cleared for government use in November 2001.

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