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House OKs Private-Public Net Info Sharing Bill

The House passed a bill Thursday that would create a system where private organizations can choose to provide national security agencies with cyber threat information in return for liability protection. Although the measure passed through the House with a 248-168 vote, the White House has already threatened to veto the …

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Obama Addresses APAC Future, North Korea

The U.S. intends to expand its role in the Asia-Pacific region, President Barack Obama said during a Monday news conference with South Korean President Lee Myung-Bak. Obama and Lee held a joint news conference during the Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul, South Korea to discuss security issues in the Asia-Pacific …

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Pentagon’s New Strategy Shifts Focus to Asia, Reduces Forces

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and President Obama called for a shift in U.S. military strategy from Europe to the Asia-Pacific region during a Thursday briefing. Earlier this week, reports indicated that the plan would include reducing the standing forces and refocusing them to different areas. According to a Reuters report, this differs …

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