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NRL, SDA Partner to Prototype Satellite Interoperability Testbed; Derek Tournear Quoted

Derek Tournear

The Space Development Agency (SDA) has partnered with the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) to develop and test a simulation tool designed to assess the interoperability of satellites that will comprise a planned space defense layer. “The Space Development Agency appreciates the opportunity to collaborate with NRL on this important part of the process to develop the National Defense Space Architecture,” noted Derek Tournear, director of SDA.

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NRL Develops Gallium Nitride Electronic Component Rivaling 5G Speed


The Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) has created a new electrical component that shows the potential to exceed 5G connectivity's expected speed. The resonant tunneling diode is made from gallium nitride and works to transport electrons at fast speeds via quantum tunneling, an occurrence wherein electrons move through physical barriers to produce current, NRL said Friday.

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International Space Station Demos Naval Research Lab’s Power Beaming Concept


A NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station conducted a power beaming test with a light-emitting rectifying antenna developed by the Naval Research Laboratory. ISS crew member Jessica Meir demonstrated the potential of NRL's LEctenna technology to transform electromagnetic waves into an electric current, the lab said Monday.

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CTI, Alion Subsidiary, Secures $12M Task Order for NRL Engineering Research, Maintenance Support; Greg Yadzinski Quoted


Alion Science and Technology announces today that its subsidiary Commonwealth Technology Innovation (CTI) has been awarded a $12M task order for Engineering Research and Maintenance Support for the Plasma Physics Division of the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), the company announced on Monday

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NRL Demos Chemical Spectrometer Tool in Round-Robin Exercise

The Naval Research Laboratory fielded a mass spectrometer that gauges electronic, cosmo, geo-chemical and nuclear materials during the Nuclear Signatures Inter-laboratory Measurement Evaluation Program exercise.

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U.S. Naval Research Laboratory ‘Connects the Dots’ for Quantum Networks

Naval Research Laboratory has created a quantum science technique designed to release single photos or individual light particles of the same color. NRL said Monday that its new technique compresses quantum dots to produce photons that could be less than millionth a meter away from each other.

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