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Naval Research Lab Team Unveils New System for Graphene Film Fabrication

The U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has developed a method of using hyperthermal ion implantation as a means to substitutionally dope graphene with nitrogen atoms to produce a low-defect film with a tunable band structure. NRL said Monday the HyTII system was used to implant nitrogen into graphene to achieve doping via a direct substitution. “In …

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Navy, Penn State Researchers Develop Collaborative Soaring, Data Sharing Algorithms for UAS

The Naval Research Laboratory has partnered with the Pennsylvania State University’s Air Vehicle Intelligence and Autonomy Lab to demonstrate algorithmic methods for telemetry data exchange between two soaring unmanned aerial vehicles. NRL said Wednesday its Autonomous Locator of Thermals algorithm and AVIA’s AutoSOAR autonomous soaring algorithm worked to enable two …

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