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NRC Inspector General Audits Agency’s Cybersecurity; Identifies Staffing Issues

The Nuclear Regulation Commission's Office of the Inspector General has released results of an audit on the agency's cybersecurity operations. NRC OIG said Tuesday that it found the agency generally provides assurance on the cybersecurity of nuclear power plant licensees across digital assets.

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OIG Discovers Management Concerns in GSA, Lists Recommendations

The General Services Administration's Office of Inspector General provided six recommendations addressing the agency's management concerns for fiscal year 2019. OIG said in an audit report that GSA should create a control to validate upcoming termination rights for leases, implement a timely execution method and quantify potential losses in line to vacant spaces.

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FDIC Inspector General Advises Boost in Security, Management, Innovation

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation's Office of the Inspector General has identified the agency's weaknesses in the areas of security, technological modernization and management. Jay Lerner, FDIC inspector general, said Thursday in a report the agency needs to focus on cybersecurity risk oversight, financial technology innovation, information security management, crisis preparation and enterprise risk management.

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Inspector General Uncovers Cyber Concerns With NSA Operational Systems

The National Security Agency’s office of inspector general has released a semi-annual report to Congress of its independent oversight work carried out from April 1, 2018 to Sept. 30, 2018. NSA Inspector General Robert Storch wrote in the report that his office issued 21 oversight memoranda and reports during the six-month period and offered 620 recommendations to help the agency address the identified deficiencies.

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DoD Inspector General Issues Report on FY 2018 Financial Statement Audit Results

The Department of Defense’s office of inspector general has released a new report to help non-auditors understand the findings of the first departmentwide financial audit in fiscal year 2018. A team of over 1K auditors visited more than 600 DoD sites and evaluated over 90K sample items and found that 13 of the 21 DoD reporting entities received disclaimers of opinion, which means that an auditor fails to obtain sufficient audit evidence on which to base an opinion, according to the report released Tuesday.

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